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Dr. Richard Boylan - President of Starkids Project LTD

Dr. Richard Boylan

Dr. Richard Boylan is a self admitted guru of a contemporary UFO cult. This particular cult has many dangerous elements. To learn more about Dr. Boylans past you may visit these two blogs where many of Dr. Boylans own writings and messages from his loyal members, as well as messages from members who have left the cult are posted:

If the reader is not already familiar with Dr. Boylan and his cult they will learn much there. Here we will write a short profile of Dr. Boylan.
In 1995 he lost his psychiatric license for gross negligence after he convinced a number of his female patients to join him naked in a hot tub.
In 1996 on an appeal by Boylan, the California Board of Psychology affirmed the revocation.
Dr. Boylan runs live seminars for his Starkids Project, as well as a Yahoo group designed for minors only.
In November 2009 Boylan emailed messages to his Starkids group with sexual content describing romantic affairs with an alien race called the Altimarians.
Boylan has continually over the years expressed distrust of most if not all sectors of the U.S. Government. He tells us "The Cabal" is in control of everything and that they have dark motives.
He further tells us all aliens are good, and only the Cabal in the military are the ones who perform abductions that result in a negative experience.
One of the greatest dangers is that Dr. Boylan proclaims himself the "Councilor For Earth." He tells his followers he alone is the only mouthpiece for the advanced aliens. He tells the world that all other UFO group leaders who claim to speak for the Aliens are frauds.
Boylan has set himself up as the Prophet for this age, the Guru for his people, the Lightbringer in the darkness. (We should be reminded that Lucifer is also referred to as Light Bringer, and Satan can disguise himself as an Angel of Light).
Those who question him are removed from his online groups. They are considered Cabal agents in Boylans opinion. He teaches that anyone who disagrees with him is paid by the Cabal to disagree with him.
Numerous former members of Boylans online groups have testified that they are not dark agents working for anybody, and are certainly not being paid to disagree with Dr. Richard Boylan.
Boylans Paranoia runs so deep that as of this day he wrote a message listing numerous government agencies and military bases as "Cabal assets."
There are usually only two types of people who despise authorities so badly. One group are criminals to whom the police or any law enforcement are their enemies.
The other group are cult leaders who have been led to believe the authorities are out to get them, that the authorities are agents of darkness. We have seen such cult leaders in the past. Charles Manson and David Koresh were cult leaders who despised government and their followers acted on what they had been taught.
Boylan goes so far as to say that he and his cult of light workers must root out the evil Cabal and do away with them.
He makes startling comments attacking American military contractors, saying they are kidnapping aliens, abusing aliens, and abusing people who are friends of the aliens.
One thing Boylan refuses to admit is that there are negative Alien abductions reported. In his eyes and in his teaching those kind of experiences are caused by the military only.
This gives a brief overview of the cult led by Dr. Richard Boylan.
Please read the comments as we will be adding more information as time goes on.
Keep safe and beware of deception.


  1. Thanks for this Watcher. I am one of those who can tell everybody what you said here is absolutely true. I've been a member of his group before and can't say how many times my messages were moderated. I would get responses saying "message not approved" with some note saying what I was talking about was close to cabal disinformation. He kept posting the link to his website on his group explaining who he thought the cabal were. I got a little scared one time he mentioned a starkid seminar in my area. This guy just kept getting more and more paranoid and at the same time he was acting more and more the authority on the ufo topic. It was almost from the start I felt something wasn't right with everything he was saying. There were a lot of good things being written by some of the members but the group just kept going back to the same old topic about how bad the cabal was and how they were bothering the whole group. I did get some emails that pointed out a lot of things I was already seeing in the group. You can add me to the list of people who disagreed with him and was not getting paid to do it by anyone. What I'd like to say if you're a parent of a starseed kid, please don't let your kids get involved with this cult. Who knows what could happen. It's bad enough those little kids have to read all that paranoid anti establishment conspiracy stuff. Little kids don't need to be learning that.

  2. Seven Testimonies of former members of Dr Boylans group, "UFOFACTS." These witnesses cannot all be wrong.

    1) This is a message from a former member we came across about two months ago:

    Yes he runs some group in yahoo under the name doc boylan. me and my friends before me got kiciked out because we were called "cabal" by doc boylan. sorry i forgot what group was called, its been a few months since we were kicked out. but if i find name again ill put it here.


    2) Another testimony from December 2009, keeping the author anonymous for privacy to the individual:

    "I can assure you I am harmless. I can't believe I freaked him out so badly, but I will agree that whole bit about dark energy was nutty. Truth is, I have never heard of Cabal or anything like that until Dr Boylan."

    3)Another former member has this to say in 2009:

    "I am just a regular person of goodwill. The fact that he thinks otherwise shows to me that he is incorrect in his findings and probably some other points of interest as well.
    Either way it's his chatgroup to run as he sees fit. I'm not of dark energy or cabal.
    I didn’t know the sexual-Altimarian thread was posted to the kids group. That is wrong. He should be reprimanded either by Yahoo or another internet group for that. I also agree that Councilor title was self appointed. Didn’t Hitler and Saddam appoint themselves as well?"

    4)Here is a testimony from someone who left Boylans group on his own in April 2009:

    "Thank You for the information. I have researched your information, etc. I am leaving this group because they are a clique and I have not been welcomed.
    Light, love...we all have our own "truths" but my story and experiences don't seem to fit in with many "groups, cabal's, or whatever you call them"
    Be well."

    5)This individual was a member of Boylans group about one year ago. They had this to say in a reply to an email discussing Boylan. Here the member jokes because the writer did not sign their name. (Boylan demands all members sign their real name to group messages or their messages will not be approved):

    "Since you did not sign your email, I must assume you are a Cabal Operative. ;) Just joking.

    Well, Dr. Boylan HAS blocked some of my posts. He does not like posts which steer away from the topic at hand. This is a bit restrictive, in my view,.....

    Dr. Boylan is a bit hyper-focussed on Cabal activities.

    If Dr. Boylan has "excused" certain members from the List and accused them of being Operatives . . . well, that seems more than extreme to me."

    6) Testimony from a group member in April 2009:

    "I dont' know how much money Dr. Rich Boylan has nor do i care much...

    he does have that elitist "attitude" and a bit of ego....but really who am i to judge,
    i'm not into letting any internet guru's lead me down a path of no return

    i was going to go to the seminar but my spirit guides told me not to so....

    i listen to my higher ups...not anyone else."

    7)Still another member had this to say:

    "Boylan is way to far out there. I think he holds a lot of anger."

    8)To top it off here is an angry and somewhat threatening message from Dr. Boylan himself to someone who had tried to explain the truth to some of his members:

    "The extremely crude and unconvincing, pathetic attempts at psychological warfare contained in your email do not even meet the usual bullshit "standards" of you Cabal operatives."

  3. Email from someone who discerns what Dr. Boylan actually is. Several former members or people familiar with Boylans works over the years have reached the same conclusion about him beings a "psychic vampire."

    "I'm into the occult and such and just got done reading some stuff on Psi-vamps. Boylan is the most powerful I've come across with a flock of sheep to bleed that numbers over 1,000 strong. I wonder what he does with all that energy? Like you said bellow, he's probably a slave to his aliens/demons who are probably using him to feed them and all he gets is a taste."

  4. This man is to far out there. I think he hates humans and is in love with the aliens. He must have had such a bad experience in his life that he doesnt know how to deal with it so he makes up all these things. Can we say 'god complex'?
    Who writes this kind of thing?
    'I write to you in my role as the Councillor of/for Earth. I was appointed by Star Nations in late February, 2005. My responsibilities include both representation and communication.
    I represent Humankind and Earth officially to Star Nations for matters of policy development by its High Council as concerns Earth. And I represent Star Nations in official matters to the people of Earth.'
    From his own site

  5. We have just discovered Dr. Boylan suggesting to someone that they can use their new-found powers to break the law.

    Monday, January 18, 2010 8:19 PM


    Yeah, keep practicing that invisibility.
    It might come in handy one day.
    Imagine a cop pulling you over for a traffic ticket and he comes up to the driver's window and there's no one there. :-)

    in the light,

    Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

    From: UFOFacts@yahoogroup [mailto:UFOFacts@ yahoogroups. com] On Behalf Of robhenry24
    Sent: Sunday, January 17, 2010 6:44 PM
    To: UFOFacts@yahoogroup
    Subject: [UFOFacts] Book ' Start Kids'

    Hi to all,

    I am reading Dr Boylans book Star Kids

    I find this book amazing and highly recommend it, I am reading the online PDF E-Book version.

    Dr. Boylan, of the exercises, the one that strikes me is the Invesiabelity exercise, I am going to start practicing this one, as you say the day and time may come when this one may come in handy,
    I hope not, but one never knows!

    I really find the chapter { Spirituality } interesting, this is well written, it rings so true!


    In Love & Light,


  6. Does anyone honestly believe these things? We see here that now at least Dr. Boylan and his aliens are taking part of the blame for creating the Cabal in the first place. He calls them "inferior humans." They are the gods, the creators of our race, and Dr. Boylan is Earths highest authority on the Council of the Star Nations.

    [UFOFacts] comments about Thursday's Liberation Exercise from Star Visitors who participated
    Friday, January 22, 2010 8:34 PM



    Here are a couple comments about Thursday's Liberation Exercise from Star Visitors who participated.
    After I apologized to the captives and their families for their terrible treatment while being held by the Cabal, there came back a reply to my Inner Team member from one of the Star Nations beings who was rescued:
    "Please tell Councillor Of Earth and all the Star Seeds that we know the [Cabal] "humans" who subjected us all to harm were of the inferior species we tried our best to upgrade. It appears that the fault is equally ours, in our failure to adequately seed your race so that it grows beyond the capacity for such violence. No apologies required; we understand what has happened all too well, perhaps more than you do."
    I observe that it does my heart good to hear the rescued Star Visitor acknowledge misjudgments in the bioengineering of Homo Sapiens Sapiens that resulted in the emergence of the genetically- inferior, sociopathic personality- prone Cabal sub-species.
    Luckily the preponderance of Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Regular Humans of Good Will) are decent-enough folks, if some a rough around the edges. :-)

    When I commented about the Altimarian liberators and said: "It warms my heart that some of "our own" Altimarians joined in the Liberation Exercise. Well done!" Amanda replied to my Inner Team member: "So was it well done among the Star Seeds!"
    She also says they practically had to tie [Altimarian teenager] Max [now well within our solar system and not all that far from Earth] to his cabin as he wanted so badly to be part of the JPE rescue effort but was not allowed. Talk about adventures for a teenager!! They told him there would more than likely be other opportunities during his lifetime and he had best study hard so that he knows what he should know before he is allowed into their shuttle craft :-) That settled him down but not much, hehehe.
    And Amanda's kind praise for the human participants in the Liberation exercise is appreciated.

    in the light,

    Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

  7. The Boylan-Nazi Methodology

    What we already know is Boylan is training kids and molding their minds. He compares modern Star Kids to Harry Potter, Wizards, and Sorcerers in his books.
    He has as of today introduced the concept of some humans being an inferior species. He writes about romantic sexual relationships with alien beings and has shared that information with his Starkids group.
    He brazenly writes that he can trespass into high security government bases and sabotage their technology at will during Joint Psychic Excercises. He accuses the government of kidnapping humans and aliens, then using them in experiments.
    He shares much of this with his kids group. By doing so he is teaching them not only to distrust government, but to be hyper paranoid. He teaches them it is okay to have relationships - sexual relationships, with alien races that are non human in appearance. He teaches them that some humans are inferior, and he even went so far as to say they were a "sub species."
    In one of Hitlers 1939 speeches he said: "Today I will once more be a prophet: If the international Jewish financiers in and outside Europe should succeed in plunging the nations once more into a world war, then the result will not be the bolshevization of the earth, and thus the victory of Jewry, but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe! "
    We have here the exact foundation of Boylans politics. The Cabal have replaced the rich international Jewish financers. The worlds wars are a result of the military Cabals operating by funding from the elitist Cabals, the threat is not bolshevization but rather, westernizationof the earth, and Boylan has made it clear the Cabal will be annihilated by the Star Visitors.

    From the Goebbels Diary:
    "World Jewry will suffer a great catastrophe at the same time as Bolshevism. The Fuhrer once more expressed his determination to clean up the Jews in Europe pitilessly. There must be no squeamish sentimentalism about it. The Jews have deserved the catastrophe that has now overtaken them. Their destruction will now go hand in hand with the destruction of our enemies. We must hasten this process with cold ruthlessness."

    Boylan has mentioned on a number of occasions the Cabal will get what is coming to them and be "removed."

    In an April 1943 speech, Heinrich Himmler Reichsfuhror SS compared Jews to lice. Boylan is now calling the Cabal a sub species, and a genetically inferior race of humans.
    Himmler said,
    "We have - I would say, as very consistent National Socialists, taken the question of blood as our starting point. We were the first really to solve the problem of blood by action, and in this connection, by problem of blood, we of course do not mean antisemitism. Antisemitism is exactly the same as delousing. Getting rid of lice is not a question of ideology. It is a matter of cleanliness."

    Dr. Mengele attempted to discover the cause for an inferior genetic code, and his experiments on Jews, especially Jewish children earned him the nickname "Doctor Death."
    Dr Boylan has now admitted to believing there is an inferior genetic code in some humans, namely, the Cabal. He believes, and teaches his young apprentices these things.

    The methodology of Boylan is the same as the Nazi methodology. It is disguised with the mask of aliens, a murky council of Star Nations, and Star Visitor craft that stealthily fly within our atmosphere. Boylan is utilizing an occult nazi propaganda tactic.
    At present Boylan refrains from acting physically, although in the past he has had incidents of an indecent nature with female patients. He has also suggested future physical confrontation with the Cabal is not out of the question. For now he appears content with psychic, psychological and emotional abuse through hit mass barrage of personal psy-ops that strikes the minds of his victims.
    Considering the escalating nature of Boylans politico-religious brainwashing tactics, he should be considered a danger to all those showing an inclination towards him.

  8. It is about time for an update since it has been several months since anyone has written here.
    Boylans "aliens" never appear, they do not exist.
    We do not deny there are aliens, we are only denying what Boylan claims to be aliens. His aliens are invented in his mind and are at most projections of his own thought energy. His thought energy is quite inaccurate to say the least, since he cannot seem to identify a true Cabal from a everyday person. This is his paranoia at work.
    Boylans aliens are himself, and the members of his group who claim to be incarnated aliens.
    His attempted arrangement of romantic and sexual meetings between aliens and humans, starting in November 2008 and ending January 2010 was nothing more than a deliberate hoax perpetrated on his members to try and get sexual favors, just like he did in the 1990s.
    There were no Altimarian males seeking romance with human females. The only thing there was were human beings claiming to be incarnated aliens or having walk ins. (Alien consciousness or soul temporarily inhabiting a human body).
    His diabolical plot was to arrange meetings with female members (which he has a history of doing, ie; that which he lost his license to practice psychology).
    We do not know how far he would have gone or how many victims there could have been if he had not been stopped by those he labels the Cabal.
    Remember, anyone who disagrees with Dr. Boylan, or anyone who attempts to expose him or thwart his plans is considered to be a Cabal operative.
    Keep in mind, most of these people who Boylan calls the Cabal are people who are rational, who have questions, and who may not view matters the same way he does. They believe in UFOs and alien visitors. The only difference is they do not believe Boylans megalomaniacal rantings, nor are the comfortable participating in a group that constantly spouts paranoid delusions. When they raise questions, because they are thinking people, Boylan brands them Cabal and excommunicates them.
    The other people Boylan labels Cabal may be certain authorities who keep an eye on him. Do we blame them for keeping an eye on someone who writes extensively about the government, sensitive military contractors, putting them in a bad light and accusing them of being Cabal?
    he brings it on himself by what he writes and the claims he makes.
    There is no dark shadowy conspiracy against him. He has created his own world and so long as he continues to play in the world he creates, he will have to deal with those who monitor him, both his phantoms, and the real deal.

  9. Our good Doctor has said Stephen Hawking is a Cabal operative. He even goes on to say the Cabal is providing Hawkings treatment.

    April 28, 1010

    Given that Dr. Stephen Hawking has had Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)/Motor Neuron Disease for over 40 years, and that the average life expectancy after diagnosis is 2 to five years, clearly he is receiving the finest treatment money can buy. Treatment drugs can run over $600/month, and additional stem-cell procedures cost much more and must be repeated.
    And the Cabal has access to advanced clinical research and experimentation in their laboratories which is not shared with the public.
    Is Cabal operative Stephen Hawking beholden to the Cabal for special help with his illness, be it financial or technical?
    Someday we may find out. Or not.

    in the light,

    Richard Boylan, Ph.D.


    Here's one that will be interesting for Google Gmail users, since they operate out of Moffet.
    I guess if you use Gmail now you're Cabal.

    January 13, 2010

    Recently I catalogued some of the salient mostly-military installations infiltrated by the Cabal.
    Relying on old memory I mistakenly included Naval Air Station Alameda (CA). In recent years NAS Alameda was closed by the Base Closure Commission.
    I should have instead included and now do include NASA-Ames Research Center/Moffett Field (Mountain View, CA).

    in the light,

    Richard Boylan, Ph.D.


  10. Here's a recent message from the Boylan group showing how they completely misunderstand things. Sifting through the positive discussion of environmental issues and water fairies, this writer then mentions propaganda against Cuba. The truth is there was never any propaganda against the people of Cuba, only the oppressive regime. Any so called "propaganda" was actually supportive of the Cuban people themselves.

    Re: [UFOFacts] Gulf Oil Spill
    Add to Contacts


    Your email brought me to tears. Please don't think that all of the water fairies are gone. There are millions of light workers who are working over time to keep the Gulf, the Bayou's, the Swamps, and Lake Ponchartrane from being destroyed.
    When I visited Louisiana in 2006, my biggest concern was for the swamps and bayou's. We took a boat ride through the Atchafalaya Swamp, and it was doing fine. As were the alligators, fish, Cypress trees, and crawfish. So was the Mississippi. My biggest concern was for Lake Ponchartrane, because that is where the EPA dumped all the raw sewage, gas, oil, etc. after Katrina.
    My friend who lives in Lafayette keeps me up to date with what's going on. She is sad, and even sadder for those who make their living on the water. This is what has been deeply impacted from the start-fishing, setting traps for soft shell crabs and shrimp. These fisherman aren't even allowed to retrieve their traps.
    Drilling for oil has got to stop, permanently. Cutting down the rain forests in South America has to be stopped permanently, also.
    There is much pilferaging going on in the rain forests of South America.
    What we all need to do is send as much healing and love that we can muster, and send it to the Gulf, the swamps and bayou's of Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and South America. We can include all of the islands in the Caribbean, too. Including Cuba. I hold no ill will towards those in Cuba, regardless of the propaganda speeches from past Presidents.
    I saw a water fairy once, here in Ohio. She came up through the water of a small pond and showed herself to me. She was very beautiful. But she wasn't tiny. She was close to 6' tall.
    Keep hope in your heart.

    love * light

  11. The big problem with some of these UFO cults is that the leader (s) have a messiah complex. Dr. Boylan calls himself the Councilor of Earth. People with a messiah complex feel the need to control others under them. They set themselves up at the top of the food chain. In this case it is a psychic food chain and they feed on the energy of people.
    The Applewhite's, leaders of Heavens Gate believed they were the two witness mentioned in the Bible. David Koresh believed he was the prophet for the Branch Davidian cult, and that his child would be the chosen one. Jim Jones set himself up as the leader of his communist-religious cult, the People's Temple, and was so controlling that he did not allow any of his cults members to leave town.
    There are many cult leaders who believe they are destined to lead people in their cult teachings. It is not just Richard Boylan who is the focus here.
    The messiah complex is a sure sign of a cult leader. Not all cults will end in disaster like the ones I listed, but it is important to watch their leaders and what is being taught. These kind of cults do have the potential for danger.
    I am aware of other cults presently that teach UFOs will come and rescue them and their chosen ones, that they are kings and queens on this earth, or, they will be made rulers over human slaves. Some of these cults claim they are alien hybrids and work for the alien masters to subject the human race to slavery. I have seen talk of using alien powers or magical spells to do harm to "enemies", or even to kill enemies. It is the perception of the messiah complex leaders that an "enemy" is anyone who dares to speak out about the cult, or its teachings.
    Messiah complex cult leaders are usually very charismatic individuals. They might have a soothing voice. They use words in a convincing way. They deliberately use their words and voice as a form of mind control hypnosis. Once a person has been convinced of the leaders power they become subject to the leader. This might take place in degrees. Most people probably would not obey the leaders every command, at least at first. But there have been occasions where this has happened, and people under the leaders control will act out in violent ways towards themselves or others.
    It is good to keep an eye on these cults and to learn how they operate. These kind of cults and their messiah complex leaders tend to fit a single profile. The individual beliefs of the cult might vary, but the pattern and profile is the same.

  12. I forgot to mention that these kind of cults usually think they are doing a good service for the world. They think they alone know the truth and everyone else is wrong. They might even do good deeds in their community, but their underlying agenda is far from being good. The historical profile of these cults is not a good one. These cults either end up disbanding because the members wake up and see they are not allowed to think for themselves, or the cult ends up committing violent or suicidal acts.

  13. I discovered this in a report from my ultra secret spy network

    :Question: What is the show, really?

    "We live in a darkness of our own making. Blind to a habitant world all but unseen by us. A world of beings traveling through time and space imaginable to some only as flights of fancy. Who are these beings we dare to imagine but fear to accept? What dark work goes on inside their impossible machines?.. Cloaked from us by invisible forces.
    If they can know our secrets,...... Why can't we know theirs?"

  14. I had been a member of UFO Facts for several years, and was recently banned by the moderator for being a "she-male cabalista". For those who are not familiar with the term, it refers to a MALE cabal infiltrator, masquerading as a female. I've never masqueraded as a female for any reason in my entire life, because it isn't necessary---I AM a female. I am also not in any way affiliated with any kind of "cabal". I had joined the group because of a long-time interest in Exobiology. I chose what to accept and not accept in the way of information, but I preferred to keep that tacit.
    I was not aware (as I'm sure many others were not) that the "sexual content" views were sent to the children and teens in the group. Back when this topic was presented, I thought it was bizarre, and felt uncomfortable reading it even as an adult. To think that minors were sent this is completely unacceptable.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I was a "member" of the UFOfacts for something like three years, mostly just observing the content. Maybe it was my desire to find fulfillment for the violence we experience in our world today, maybe it was me searching for answers about the "intangible".

      Anyway, I decided to just "go along" with the group, not yet realizing that I'd be later answering my e-mail to read an accusation of being a double-agent.

      I wished to give some of my own personal experiences in terms of unusual dreams, NOT to be taken as possessing absolute truth. Well, this active stance got me banned, which I don't mind at all.

      I did not save the message, as it left me with "really bad feelings" just reading the words. It essentially said that I can not hide my dark energy signature behind my "false name" which I had given and is actually my real name, and that I am not welcome there.

      Probably not coincidentally, a very disconcerting dream in my sleep followed, that involved me being forced to drink some tall glass of a "deadly poison" in front of a "mad doctor" and other "patients". I only bring this up, because it is not usual for me to experience nightmares.

  16. I am Aiani. I will keep it simple for you people of earth.
    I am an extraterrestrial, or, as you wish to call and angel, or as you wish to call, a fairy or an elf.
    I am not of your world, my origin is not.
    I and my kin are in some of your bloodlines from very long ago.
    Some of you remember things that seem to be outside your lifespan. You remember us when we were family.
    We are still family.
    We come from the Creator and his word, Jesus the Christ.
    I am Semjase of the sweet influences of the Pleiades.
    I am the fairy Queen and the elf Maiden.
    I am the angel of nature and one of the guardians of the Sun.
    I am forever bound to the stars called the Seven Sisters, and I am Maia.

  17. On July 4, 2012 Yahoo shut down Dr. Boylans groups after numerous complaints were made about his sexual messages sent to children. Prior to that a Hotel that was planning to host one of his seminars banned Dr. Boylan and the seminar. Boylan reopened a new Yahoo group named UFOFacts2, that is much smaller than his original group of over 1000 members.
    This is what he has to say on that group of only 24 members
    "UFOFacts2 is the successor to Dr. Boylan's 'UFOFacts' Group which was annihilated from Yahoo Groups by the Cabal because they couldn't handle the truth. "