Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dr. Richard Boylan - President of Starkids Project LTD

Dr. Richard Boylan

Dr. Richard Boylan is a self admitted guru of a contemporary UFO cult. This particular cult has many dangerous elements. To learn more about Dr. Boylans past you may visit these two blogs where many of Dr. Boylans own writings and messages from his loyal members, as well as messages from members who have left the cult are posted:

If the reader is not already familiar with Dr. Boylan and his cult they will learn much there. Here we will write a short profile of Dr. Boylan.
In 1995 he lost his psychiatric license for gross negligence after he convinced a number of his female patients to join him naked in a hot tub.
In 1996 on an appeal by Boylan, the California Board of Psychology affirmed the revocation.
Dr. Boylan runs live seminars for his Starkids Project, as well as a Yahoo group designed for minors only.
In November 2009 Boylan emailed messages to his Starkids group with sexual content describing romantic affairs with an alien race called the Altimarians.
Boylan has continually over the years expressed distrust of most if not all sectors of the U.S. Government. He tells us "The Cabal" is in control of everything and that they have dark motives.
He further tells us all aliens are good, and only the Cabal in the military are the ones who perform abductions that result in a negative experience.
One of the greatest dangers is that Dr. Boylan proclaims himself the "Councilor For Earth." He tells his followers he alone is the only mouthpiece for the advanced aliens. He tells the world that all other UFO group leaders who claim to speak for the Aliens are frauds.
Boylan has set himself up as the Prophet for this age, the Guru for his people, the Lightbringer in the darkness. (We should be reminded that Lucifer is also referred to as Light Bringer, and Satan can disguise himself as an Angel of Light).
Those who question him are removed from his online groups. They are considered Cabal agents in Boylans opinion. He teaches that anyone who disagrees with him is paid by the Cabal to disagree with him.
Numerous former members of Boylans online groups have testified that they are not dark agents working for anybody, and are certainly not being paid to disagree with Dr. Richard Boylan.
Boylans Paranoia runs so deep that as of this day he wrote a message listing numerous government agencies and military bases as "Cabal assets."
There are usually only two types of people who despise authorities so badly. One group are criminals to whom the police or any law enforcement are their enemies.
The other group are cult leaders who have been led to believe the authorities are out to get them, that the authorities are agents of darkness. We have seen such cult leaders in the past. Charles Manson and David Koresh were cult leaders who despised government and their followers acted on what they had been taught.
Boylan goes so far as to say that he and his cult of light workers must root out the evil Cabal and do away with them.
He makes startling comments attacking American military contractors, saying they are kidnapping aliens, abusing aliens, and abusing people who are friends of the aliens.
One thing Boylan refuses to admit is that there are negative Alien abductions reported. In his eyes and in his teaching those kind of experiences are caused by the military only.
This gives a brief overview of the cult led by Dr. Richard Boylan.
Please read the comments as we will be adding more information as time goes on.
Keep safe and beware of deception.